Shelly's Speaking Info

A former pastor’s wife and homeschooling mother of five, Shelly is an encourager, prayer warrior and advocate for orphans and children without a voice.  With a deep burden for the fatherless, she is passionate in her work with the ABBA Fund helping equip families answer God’s call to adoption.  She also loves to make her home a haven for her family and all that the Lord brings through her 'lil neck of the woods.

Shelly is available to speak at your women’s ministry gatherings, mom’s retreats, homeschool & adoption events.  Shelly & David enjoy every opportunity to share God’s heart for the fatherless and are available to speak to your small group or church concerning the needs of orphans.

Recently Shelly has spoken at:
Mom to Mom Groups in Galesburg, IL on hospitality, adoption & encouraging husbands.
Christ Bible Church in Creve Coeur, Illinois - mother/daughter banquet on adoption.
Checkrow Community Church, Avon, IL at their ladies banquet on hospitality.
Spoon River Pregnancy Center Fall Banquet  in Canton, IL
Fellowship Baptist Church in Vienna, IL on adoption.
Treasures of  a Mother’s Heart Homeschooling Mom’s Retreat in Peoria, IL
Ladies Spring Tea, Galesburg, IL
Homeschool Mom's Retreat,  Checkrow, IL
Stanley Union Church Ladies Gathering,  Stanley, IA
Lutheran Social Services - Single Moms Luncheon,   Galesburg, IL
Mom to Mom - "Inquiring Minds Want to Know Q&A", Galesburg, IL
Women's Weekend Retreat, DeWitt, IL
Ladies Retreat,  Canton, IL
Women's Retreat, Camp Hebron, PA
 Together for Adoption Regional Conf, Winston-Salem, NC
Homeschool Mom's Retreat 2012,  Galesburg, IL
 Together for Adoption National Conf,  Atlanta, GA
 Ladies Spring Tea,  Fiatt, IL
 Mother/Daughter Connection Retreat,  Camp JoyEl, PA

Contact her at for more info on speaking at your upcoming event.

Speaking Topics:

Raising Incredible Kids
All of us dream our children will walk with Jesus all their days, living with integrity and authentic faith. These kinds of results require not just discipline and biblical instruction, but healthy communication, a deep commitment to praying for our children, and keen insight into what is happening in their hearts. Shelly gives practical guidance based on research including her own experiences with raising godly children in difficult circumstances.

Encouraging our Husbands
Marriage is not for wimps, and it’s not always a fairy tale. God has given the wife an incredible amount of influence in her husband’s life, which can be used to bring encouragement or tear him down. With humor and great insight, Shelly brings a message that reaches to the  heart of women and challenges them to truly love their husbands for who they are and what they can become.

Hope for Hurting Hearts
Whether it is economic crisis, cancer, the loss of a loved one, or a cheating spouse, none of us are exempt from hard times. Shelly will show you how the Author of your story is not done writing the chapters. She offers great Hope found in the truth of scripture and will draw you to the heart of the Father. You’ll learn about the faithfulness of the Lord and how He promises to never leave your side.

Moments for Moms: Encouragement to Stay the Course without Losing our Minds
Having three teenagers and two little ones, Shelly can relate to moms! She knows what it’s like to count down the hours ‘til bedtime some days. She’s even been known to hide out for a few extra minutes in the bathroom just for a moment of quiet! More importantly, she knows that with the Lord as our guide, mothering can be an amazing adventure, filled with life changing opportunities. She brings a good dose of laughter and lots of wonderful, life-changing truth to fellow moms.

Hospitality ~ The Joy of Serving Others
In today’s busy go-go-go pace, is there really time for hospitality? Shelly will show you that not only is there time, there is tremendous need! With practical tips for today’s frugal family and lots of heart, Shelly will lay the foundation for the “why” and “how” concerning hospitality. This isn’t about “entertaining”, but about serving others as a family.

Protecting our Families in a Mega-Media Culture
Cell phones, i Pods, laptops and other often unknown-to-us-gadgets can wreak havoc in our families. Not only is our family time being consumed by distractions, but our children are at risk everywhere they turn. Often parents are unprepared, leaving families vulnerable. Shelly will not only tackle tough topics, but share how your family can stay strong and not be lost in the tunnel of technology.

Our Father is Faithful ~ A Testimony of Redemption and Healing
With delicateness and discretion, Shelly allows women to see inside her life. Where she’s come from to where she is now, yet more importantly: Who walked with her each step of the journey. Throughout her testimony, you’ll be drawn to the Father and the One who offers hope in your own difficulties.

God’s Heart for the Fatherless ~ Including the Gift of Adoption
Shelly shares the journey that taught her about the Father’s heart for His children and took her around the world. She communicates with great passion the needs of the fatherless and how we can all do something-how we must to do something-to help care for orphans.

FORCE: Finding Order & Rest in the Chaos of Everything
Rather than allowing the demands of your many roles to force you into survival mode, Shelly shows you how to thrive in the areas of influence God has given you. Whether it’s serving your husband, parenting your children, caring for your home, or enjoying all of it, Shelly has practical ideas on how to not only do these things well, but find rest in our Heavenly Father in the midst of it.

Heaps of Hope & Help for Homeschooling Moms

For the homeschooling mom, it’s 24/7! We sometimes get buried in the laundry, lesson plans and meal prep, and forget what is most important. As a veteran homeschool mom, Shelly shares with deep passion about the purpose of this journey. She relates to the day-to-day struggles that moms face and offers wisdom and insight into seeing the big picture. You’ll come away encouraged and refreshed for the journey God has you on.