Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Family Grew!

We have finally come out of the holiday/wedding fog.  Despite each of us fighting off some kind of crud throughout that two week span - we all made it to the chapel!  

At some point as we prepared for rehearsal dinner I was able to steal a quick moment with this one.  My first born.  I can still remember sitting his little toddler body up on the bathroom counter and wiping his little white tennis shoes clean before heading out on an outing.  I can remember rocking him as a baby on my bed, hoping he'd drift off to sleep - it was just he and I and this Momma grew tired sometimes.  I remember a little boy playing with long lines {perfectly in a row} of matchbox cars in my hallway.  I remember the joy a simple Lego set would bring him.  I remember a little boy, Bible in hand, grasping God's word in his heart. I remember a grade-school boy getting up in the early morning hours to deliver a paper route with his younger brother and Daddy in the cold, dark winters of North Dakota.  I remember a child who learned to be content in plenty and in want.  I remember his love of missionary biographies - many brought comfort to my boy and gave him a passion that His God could accomplish anything.  I remember him laboring through much fund-raising and living an simple life so that two more little ones would know the joy of having a family.  I remember the day He sat down on my lap at my desk chair and told me he knew she was the one.  I remember the day he came home with his first old truck.  I remember leaving him at college in a huge city.  I remember when he called to tell us he asked her! I remember the middle-of-the-night phone call no parent ever wants to receive.  One chapter has ended, yet a new one begins.  It is good. We were blessed with a wonderful day to celebrate two lived being joined together as one.  The ceremony was simple with a powerful message of what the purpose of marriage and a home is really about.  

It felt good to finally be to the big day.  I sat next to my guy and just tried to take it all in.  As parents you work so hard to raise up your kids - with the intent to send them off one day on their own.  We'd already done that to some extent when we dropped him off at college.  Yet this day marked a bigger change.  One that we have deeply embraced.  The growing pains that come on both sides as you work through the transition aren't easy.  But this chapter - it's starting out quite special.  What an exciting time. We are so very blessed!

Big changes ahead for the whole family!  We'd been telling these two sweeties that Big Brother was going to be moving "far away" ... trying so hard to prepare them. Then many plans changed and he is not all that far from home with his new bride.  What an amazing unexpected reality and BLESSING!
Photo by Kayleigh Berry
You can see more of the wedding here.

Our house has a little less hustle and bustle in it these days.  One room is empty.  A new chapter beginning - not just in their new life together, but in ours as well.

Just when we thought things might settle down awhile with "only" the 6 of us.  You see though, God's never done using you - if you're willing.  I've been experiencing a crash course in that over the last six months, but that's a story for tomorrow.

I love this photo.  How he looks at her.  All those years of nurturing this one, who is now grown.  All those days of pouring out into his life hoping it would make a difference.  All the moments of teaching him to work hard, to serve, to be a man of integrity.  To get to see a glimpse of the chapter ahead ... it warms this Momma's heart.  They'll go through joys and trials like the rest of us.  There will be times they don't get it right and pause and start again.  Knowing their foundation is firmly rooted in the One who is unshakable - that brings such peace.  He found her.  She said "yes".  {and we LOVE HER!!} A new story begins.

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