Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Block Family ~ 31 Families of HOPE: Day 31

Meet the Block Family!: Todd & Amy Block, Travis (22), Keegan (20), Addisyn (17), Kallan (16), Mya (10), Aleigha (9), Kaden (6), Carson (5) and Havyn (3)

Last month my husband and I went on a little two day get-a-way.  While gone we got to hear from the Block family as they represented their ministry with Village of Hope in Guatemala, which is a partnership with Lifesong for Orphans and Project Hopeful.  The room was full of diverse families.  We'd never been to the church before and we only knew a handful of people there - but I remember leaning over to my husband during worship and saying "this feels like home".  As a momma of a diverse family, I ache for diversity.  I long to gather with people who "get" the orphan crisis and worship together.  The evening was a tremendous blessing.  God met us there and challenged us deeply.  We're still processing what God has for us, The Roberts Family.  Perhaps through this series you've found yourself processing what He has for YOU and YOUR family.  There are many ways to care for the least of these.  So today, on World Aids Day, I am thrilled to share with you one amazing opportunity!  

Amy, what first tugged on your heart for orphans? 
Sitting in church one Sunday morning it was missions Sunday and they were highlighting different missions and they showed a little orphan girl and the Lord broke our heart that day through her story. We knew we had to do something to help.

When did your family know that God was going to use you in a new way, besides adoption?
After our adoption of Havyn from Ethiopia we asked God what was next and began to pray. The Lord told us that he didn't want us to bring any more children home- but to GO- to them. That eventually took us to serve long-term in Guatemala.

Take a look at what is happening in Guatemala!

What is one challenge you've faced as you serve orphans abroad?
Challenge is getting the word out about our work here so that others can help with what the Lord is doing here at Village of Hope. The needs are overwhelming and we cannot do it on our own. We need the body of Christ to come together and just do what they can to help these children have a future. 

What keeps you going?
What keeps me going is that knowing that when we give to these children we are actually giving to Christ himself. Matthew 25:40

How can people help right NOW?
People can help right now by joining in our buy a brick campaign and helping us build homes at Village of Hope- and give hope to orphans living with HIV/AIDS in Guatemala.

It's that simple!  Maybe you can't adopt right now.  Maybe God isn't calling you give away all your family belongings and move to another country.  He is calling some to do that!  But there is MORE needed.  Those who have already said YES and GONE - they need you.  They need you to simply GIVE.  And so on our last day in the series of "31 Families of HOPE", I'm inviting you to do just that!

At this very moment there is a matching funds opportunity going on.  So every dollar you give will be doubled {til they meet their current goal of $4,000}.
Every single dollar brings HOPE!  If 31 people gave $31 - that would be $961 {with the matching funds project right now it would actually turn into $1922!  Isn't that amazing?  

Maybe you have $13, maybe 31, perhaps $331.  The size is not as important as the willingness to GIVE what you do have.  

Today I want to give something special as well.  So many have loved our "31 Nuggets Necklace".  I'll be giving one of these away on Monday!  You have the whole weekend to help spread HOPE!  Here's how you can get a chance to win.

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YOU MUST THEN COMMENT HERE at this post saying how you shared HOPE! When you do that your name will be entered to win.  We'll be drawing the winner on Monday! - so you have all weekend to spread HOPE!  The winner is..... Living Out His Love!  Send me your mailing address to!  Thanks everyone for participating.

Thank you, Block Family, for sharing HOPE with us here at Reaching Hearts.  Your willingness to lay aside everything and GO encourages me greatly.  May MANY rise up and join you in bringing HOPE to the children of Guatemala who are suffering with HIV/Aids.  Please visit the Block family blog to keep updated on what is happening where they serve.

This concludes the "31 Families of HOPE" series.  In case you missed some here they are for easy reference:


  1. Thanks friend- we love you and your big, HUGE heart!

  2. What a great day to help an orphan. Oh wait...that's any day! Love you friend! I shared on FB, Twitter and my blog and made a donation in honor of YOU! :) Much love!

  3. Love this post!! I shared on FB and tweeted. Praying others read this and learn it is possible to support the Fatherless without fostering/adopting!!

  4. What a beautiful post sharing this special family's heart for orphans! It's so amazing to read about families who are being the hands and feet of Jesus! I shared the post on my Facebook page, what a gorgeous necklace! I hope I win!

  5. The winner is...... Living Out His Love! Please email me your address and I'll get this shipped to you!