Friday, November 16, 2012

The Pattie Family ~ 31 Families of HOPE: Day 16

Meet the Pattie Family!: James & Bethany Pattie and Gilbert

Bethany, what first tugged on your heart about the Fatherless?

I was adopted, as a baby after my birthmother was unable to abort me.  I was raised by two loving and supportive parents and feel that every child is a blessing and deserve a chance at life!  Even before marriage I began convincing James that we should adopt at least one child, as the oldest of nine, adoption was a foreign concept to his family.  He was on board with the idea when we miscarried our first and then second pregnancy, so it became clear that God was guiding us to adoption. 

Tell us one unique thing about your family/ministry.

I am a regional coordinator for Orphan Sunday and we are in the process of getting an adoption ministry started at our church.

What was one challenge either before, during or after your child(ren) came home?

Our only “challenge” is getting James family to view our son the same way they view the natural born nieces and nephews (/grandkids).  This next adoption we are going international so I feel a challenge will be overcoming the language barrier and views or others towards a mixed-race family.

If you could tell a family that was considering adoption one bit of advice what would it be?

Hang on tight to your faith!!  God knows what’s going to happen and how everything will work out so just keep your faith in Him and let Him guide your decisions.

What verse was especially encouraging to you during your adoption journey?

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord.  Plans to prosper not to harm you.”  God is in control and He knows what lies ahead and what the perfect fit for your family is. 

Share one blessing that has happened because you said YES and followed God on this journey.  

My son is a living, breathing blessing that has come to us because we said YES!!!!  Every time I look at him or hear his laugh or feel his little arms around my neck I know that God has some amazing plans for us and He chose us to love and be loved by this amazing child! 

If you could share one other thing that is meaningful to you on the topic of adoption/orphan care, what would it be? 

EVERY LIFE has value!  If we speak up and advocate for adoption maybe we can put an end to the abortion, and amount of children without homes that is plaguing not only our nation, but also the world.  

Thank you, Pattie Family, for sharing HOPE with us here at Reaching Hearts!  Be sure to check out their family blog for more information about their adoption journey.

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