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The Loux Family ~ 31 Families of HOPE: Day 17

Meet the Loux Family!: John & Tracie Loux, Nicholas, Taylor, Isabelle, Aiden, Emma, Elia and Mattie

The Loux Fam with once a crew of three bio kids {Nicholas, Taylor & Isabelle} were radically transformed into an even more amazing family when they opened their hearts to Aiden {adopted from Ukraine at age 3, Down Syndrome}, Emma {adopted from Ukraine at age 2 1/2, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome}, Elia {adopted from the US at birth and Mattie {adopted at birth in the US, Down Syndrome}.  This family knows a little something about LOVE.  

Tracie, what first tugged on your heart about the Fatherless?

Adoption was always something that was stirring in our hearts (and in our dreams) since the beginning of our marriage. Our niece Telma's adoption was what sparked the flame in a big way and got us moving forward, really researching and learning about adoption, as well as beginning the home study process shortly there after.

We were part of a prayer ministry at the time, standing in prayer for the ending of abortion, and we felt the strong conviction of the Holy Spirit that we were to do more than just PRAY, but that we were to put our prayers to action and say YES to life in a practical way- adoption. 

Tell us one unique thing about your family/ministry.

With each adoption, the Lord has stretched our capacity to love and give.
Elia's adoption, in 2007, was the thing that catapulted Tracie into her current job as an Adoption Consultant for domestic adoption. She has helped well over 100 families in the past 5 years to complete their own adoptions.

Aiden's adoption in 2009, drew us into the world of international adoption and opened our hearts in a deeper way with compassion and love for children with Down syndrome. It was through Aiden's adoption that we learned of Emma and the Lord stretched us beyond words, as we worked through issues related to FAS and attachment/bonding.

Mattie's adoption  in 2010, has by far drawn us closer together in our marriage and family than anything else has done. It was also the spark that caused Tracie to become more involved with special needs adoption placements here in the US.

What was one challenge either before, during or after your child(ren) came home?

The biggest challenge we have faced with Mattie's adoption was juggling life with a child who required an extended hospital stay (11 months) and who came home in need of advance medical care. Mattie is on a ventilator much of the day, has a tracheostomy, and a Gtube. He requires 24/7 monitoring either through our care or through home nursing services.

The biggest challenge was have faced with Emma's adoption would be learning to help her through the behavior challenges that come in raising a child with FAS, and working through the initial bonding/attachment issues that come with a child who is very wounded and “hard to love.” 

If you could tell a family that was considering adoption one bit of advice what would it be?

Surround yourself with others who have gone before you. Glean from their knowledge. Become educated about the type of adoption you are pursing and be well prepared. And above all SEEK HIS FACE, and lean not on your own understanding. 

What verse was especially encouraging to you during your adoption journey?

Psalm 139 is my lifeline. It has been my steady source of strength through each of our adoptions, as I have sought the Lord's direction with full confidence that each of my days and the days of my children's lives are written in His book before one of them came to be. He is writing this story and He delights in telling it. I am just walking in obedience into the story He has dreamed for my life. 

Share one blessing that has happened because you said YES and followed God on this journey.

Oh goodness, the Lord has enriched our lives and caused so much growth in our family, in our children and in our marriage through adoption. We are changed forever.  

If you could share one other thing that is meaningful to you on the topic of adoption/orphan care, what would it be?

It is so important to me to see adoptive families cared for by the body of Christ. Here are some suggestions on how you can reach out and “Give, Love, Serve, and Celebrate” with adoptive families in your community.

Thank you, Loux Family, for sharing HOPE with us here at Reaching Hearts!  Be sure to check out Tracie's family blog for more information about their life and adoption journeys.  Also you'll want to have her adoption assistance blog! For assistance or info about domestic adoption, including special needs adoption, you may reach Tracie via email:

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