Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How I {DON'T} Do it All!

Invariably when I meet new people they'll ask the infamous question. Sometimes it makes me laugh loudly. The question itself is pretty hilarious. Sometimes I think to myself - if only you KNEW! It comes in various forms, but pretty much is all summed up in this version:

"HOW do you DO it ALL???"

The answer is so ridiculously simple, that I can't believe everyone else hasn't figured it out!

You know ... between being a wife, having five children {ages pre-school through college}, providing hospitality, keeping up with the literal mountains of laundry, homeschooling, feeding everyone, serving other women through speaking/writing ministry, the list goes on and on. What seems like such a DIFFICULT question to answer is so incredibly simple that I sometimes am still shocked when people ask.

Are you ready?

BRACE yourself, please!


Let me word it differently, if you couldn't catch it that way.

I do NOT!!!

I Can't! I Don't I WON'T!

Here's why. God didn't create me to do it ALL. He created me {and you} with a specific purpose. What He has for me to do daily, in some way, will be different than what He has for you to do. And it SHOULD. He didn't create us to live these identical-cookie-cutter lives. We need to EACH be seeking HIM about what He has for us, INDIVIDUALLY, to do. And it should happen regularly.

So for those of you trying to figure out how to juggle everything - here's a few tips.

1) Stop comparing yourself to others. As women we're so guilty of this. So often we spend way too much time looking at what OTHERS are doing, instead of focusing on what He has for US to do.

2) Ask the Lord to help you figure out your priorities. What does He have for you RIGHT now, in THIS current season. That likely will look a little differently in 6 mo, a year and five years from today.

3) Be willing to make the adjustments the previous step calls for. Little Johnny does NOT need to be in multiple extra-curricular activities to grow up to be a man of integrity and ready to face the real world. TRUST ME. Want to destroy your family? Spread yourselves too thin running from place to place.

4) Have realistic expectations. I'm warning you, this one will be TOUGH on many of you. For me to fulfill what God has for me in THIS season, I've had to let other things go. Let go. Sometimes say no.

We can't "do it all". That's just a big fat LIE. Grab a few moments and get alone with God. Ask Him what He has for YOU ... for THIS season. What does HE want you to focus on? Not what are all the other voices saying you must do. What is HE saying?

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