Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Diversity - A Glimpse of Heaven

Living in rural, central IL, diversity isn't something I get to enjoy every day. Well, other than the precious diversity within my own four walls. I have always appreciated diversity, but it wasn't until our family became a multi-cultural family did I realize how much I would ache for it.

One day the reality hit me ... I am no longer the "Momma of a Caucasian Family". I see things through a different lens now. I feel things through a different heart. I hear things through a different filter. This is good. This is necessary.

Recently my girls and I were at our local Aldi grocery store. My precious seven year old exclaimed to me in the most urgent and excited voice ... "Momma!!!, we're not the only brown people here!". Those words stopped me in my tracks. I quickly made eye contact with my spunky sweetie with big eyes full of happiness and a tinge of a look to encourage "how 'bout lets not shout that so loudly' just now". We finished up our shopping, managed to make it through the checkout without too much sibling rivalry that day and then headed back to our car. As I opened the car door, I knew it was time to connect. I got down at eye level with my Texan girl and asked her how it makes her feel when she realizes she's not the only brown person in a store. We chatted a bit and I drew her in close while telling her how I want her to know I'm always here to talk about these things. She hugged me tight and said ... "Momma, I thought I might be in trouble when we stopped at the car and you needed to talk to me!". No, sweet girl, not in trouble at all {this time}. ;)

Living as a multi-ethnic family is a glorious blessing! One that has given me such a far greater vision of what heaven will be like. It also comes with responsibility. We need to take the time to see and feel and hear a little differently than we used to.

Last month I had the absolute privilege of traveling out to PA and speaking at a women's retreat. Never could I have envisioned what a deep blessing that trip would be on so many levels. One was the area of diversity. Meeting women from all over the world who now resided in the same corner of the US was just amazing. I loved hearing their various accents. They teased me that I sounded like I had picked up a bit of a Texas. ;) I have my Daddy to blame for that one. {No he's not from the south, but those who knew him will never forget that southern drawl of his.} The women shared stories that came out of a vast variety of cultures. As we stood and worshiped the Lord together I could not help but think of how this is but a glimpse of heaven some day. A day when we will ALL stand together with no racial barriers and worship our Father face-to-face. I long for that day.

Being there in that beautiful place made me ache for my baby girls to be with me. How fun it would have been to see them meet in person the women who were so touched by their testimonies of LIFE and ADOPTION.

Not too far down the road from us, another family is preparing to welcome home a new child. Their family will soon resemble ours. Perhaps that's just the beginning of growing diversity here in my 'lil corner of the world in rural, central IL.

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  1. and what a blessing to have you at Camp Hebron sharing your God-given story with us.