Friday, June 24, 2011

What are Little Boys {Being} Made Of?

As a momma of three sons, I care a lot about little boys. Not just "little" boys though .... I care even more about who they become as they near adulthood. What I've concluded over the years is that it matters what happens in the early years.

Recently we had a little boy over for the day. And it really got me thinking .... "What are little boys {being} made of today?". It started out simple, sort of. I peered outside to be sure all was well and saw the little boy playing with my little girl. Seeing their arms swinging through the air made me do a "double-take". They obviously weren't "fighting", but rather "playing". So I inquired .... "What are you doing?". "Playing Star Wars", was the answer. HUH?, I thought. So the mean 'old fashioned/uncool' mom in me said ..... "No, not Star Wars". The little guy says ... "How about Indiana Jones???". HUH? .... how does one play Indiana Jones, anyway.? My kids haven't even seen the movie. "Nope", was my answer. "How about Batman!!!???". My heart kinda broke inside. It was obvious that is all the little boy even thought of to play. Finally I said ... "How about like play catch or tag?!!!". :)

My mind drifted back to my years of raising little boys. How is it that we've drifted so far from "real life" play? Why is it that we have a growing culture of young men that often don't know how to relate to society and engage in meaningful relationships and be prepared to hold down jobs and care for their families? Is this coincidence? I'm not 100% sure. REAL LIFE calls for men who are prepared to WORK HARD to provide for their families ... not just be immersed in video games, movies and an imaginary world.

What happened to little boys digging in the dirt and making pretend forts and playing for hours with a pile of matchbox cars or a fun train set?

I'm not saying that everything about the above examples are bad, but I am saying that what I see all too often is really alarming. Our world is in need of little boys to grow up to know how to work hard and help to care for those around them. We need strong leaders who are grounded in truth with a heart of compassion for the hurting. We need men who will stand for justice and who take responsibility for their actions. We need men who are not afraid to sweat while still having a servant heart to tend to a crying baby when needed.

Moms of little boys ... I would love to hear from you. What are some ways you are cultivating these things in your little men? What are YOUR little boys {being} made of?

{photo compliments of a couple little boys that live down the road}

One day it'll all be over and you'll be sending them out in the big world. Will they be ready to embrace real life and not just a fantasy?

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