Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"You are What You ....... Wear?"

Summer is upon us. Flip flops, sunscreen, BBQ's ..... we're especially excited about fresh strawberries in our garden around here! But the change of seasons also usually brings a change in wardrobe.

Now I realize that no matter what a girl/woman is wearing it's a guy's responsibility to look the other way and not lust. I GET THAT. I'm raising three SONS. Trust me, that is not new news to me.

I remember walking through a mall when my boys were all young. I had done lots of reading on the topic of raising sons and wondered how it would all play out. Never will I forget the day we were walking along and I noticed one of my sons immediately turn his head to the side {away} as we passed the "VS" store. I had NEVER said a word to him to do so. That was very eye-opening to me, as a mom of three young boys. He wasn't used to seeing TV shows with scantily clad women and for him it was natural to turn away when you saw women wearing only their underwear.

So, again, I GET what the guy's role should be.

Moving on. I want to speak to young women a moment.

If you were to walk past a young man with a freshly baked pie and it's scent was permeating the air .... do you really think a guy wouldn't notice? HELLO???!!!! We all know how guys love to eat! :)

Or what about standing around him displaying a grilled-to-perfection rib-eye steak? Do you really expect him to somehow pretend he doesn't notice what you have on the platter? How silly would he look if he turned the other way?

Or what if you drove up in a Brand new Challenger? Most guys I know are gonna notice. God created them that way. They are visual! If you need convinced, do a google search and see the research for yourself.

Now I'm not debating a strict list of do's and don't s. This isn't a skirt vs. pants post. That being said .... ladies {of all ages} our low cut tops and skin-tight-shorts can really cause our brothers to stumble. Can I just say that there are many incredible guys out there that don't desire to see the cleavage of every young woman that walks by? They are saving their eyes for their future bride!

We need to really examine our hearts as we choose what clothes belong in our closet. We can ask a few simple questions to help determine what might be a good choice.

  • Is what I'm wearing distracting/attention-getting?
  • What's the first thing someone would notice about me, if my tank top is barely covering my cleavage/skin tight or my face?
  • Do my pants look like they would have to be peeled off of me or do I have a bit of room to breathe?
  • Is it my desire for all the guys (both young and old) to see each and every form-fitted curve on my body?, or do I want to save that for my husband?
  • My top might be covering me when I stand still in front of a mirror, but what happens when I bend over {which happens regularly as we go about our day}?
  • What about my skirt length? What does it look like in front a mirror while I'm sitting with my legs crossed?
I'll be the first to admit that it can be challenging to find nice clothes with some of today's trendy fashions. However, I'm convinced that if we truly want to do that, God will provide some options! It might help by skipping over most of the offerings in the "junior" section. It can be challenging enough to sort through the things in the misses section! :)

All the great guys that I know would much rather just enjoy hanging out with their 'girl' friends and enjoy being together instead of having to continually focus on keeping their eyes away from the 'platter', so to speak.

Romans 14:21 "It is good not to eat meat or drink wine or do anything
that causes your brother to stumble."

In reality, our dress does really reflect who we are, what we represent and where our heart is.

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