Monday, May 30, 2011

I Miss Him

Random things I know to be true:

I miss him.
Grief comes in waves and also has layers.
We grieve for things we had with our loved ones.
We grieve for things we never had.
One day I will find it in me to erase his number from my phone.
He would be so proud of my oldest graduating and would have parked his truck to be there.
I never dreamed I would bury my father this school year, while having both a senior and a kindergartner as well.
There will never be answers to so many questions that I have.
He would be so proud of his wife for persevering ... one small step at a time.
He always chose to listen to what others said, even if he didn't agree or understand.
Nothing I am going through takes God by surprise.
The message of honor he gave to me on my back porch will be treasured deep in my heart ... forever.
Our time here together in IL was truly a gift from the Lord.
It is ok if my girls see me cry sometimes, for they must also learn what it means to grieve.
My Heavenly Father knows every detail and is completely able to meet all of my needs.
I miss his smile, his laugh, his wit, his determination, his hugs, his honesty ...... I miss him.

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