Wednesday, April 13, 2011


WHY???????? If you're a momma of littles, or have ever been a momma of littles you've heard the question. Sometimes it comes out of their mouths at the most inopportune times as well. There have definitely been many occasions of hearing that short little word during my mothering journey.

At times though, I find MYSELF saying that word. Sometimes there is nothing else TO say. There are times my heart shatters and I have to wonder WHY.

WHY are so many families racing around frazzled and frantic with their children going from this activity to that when SO MANY OTHER children are sitting, waiting, wondering if anyone will care that they don't have a mom or a dad that can take care of them?

WHY are we SO far removed from the reality of orphans?

WHY do we care more about our possessions than we do about the poor?

WHY are we more consumed with our careers than we are with caring for those who have nothing?

WHY does the average teen pay more for a prom dress than it takes to feed a family for a month or more that is dying of hunger?

WHY are we not teaching the youth of our nation what it means to sacrifice for the sake of others who have greater needs than they have ever known?

WHY do children sit waiting in our country in foster care because of the color of their skin or their special need?

WHY do we rush our own kids to the doctor with an irritating snotty nose, but do NOTHING to help provide medicine for those suffering with HIV in other countries?

WHY are we so unaware of those that don't even have clean water to drink? ... instead many of our children whine if there is 'only water' to drink.

I realize the word can be irritating!!! I've been asked WHY many a time by my own young children. But for a moment ....... maybe we should consider the other "WHY's". The ones that should pierce the heart, bring conviction and cause us to act.

Perhaps like me you feel the buzz of Easter approaching. You might be thinking about what your children will wear to church and if little Susie has a new spring dress that fits. What about who is fixing the big dinner? Or coordinating a fun egg hunt.

As we approach Resurrection Sunday it's a perfect time to sit and ponder and consider the question "WHY". WHY are we celebrating? WHY did Jesus give His life for you and for me?

I don't know about you, but when I spend time thinking about my own sin and the weight of it all and consider what Jesus has done for me .... I cannot help but to think about the "WHY's".

Lord, help me to respond to the "WHY's" around me. Help me to answer them with my actions. Give me your perspective Lord .... an eternal perspective. Show me how to truly love, as you have loved me. Thank you, Father, that you reached in to my heart and didn't let go four years ago. Thank you for causing me to lose sleep until I let go of fear to follow you. I'm so grateful that my little girl is no longer sitting and waiting for someone to respond. I ache for those that still are. Help me to know my place in making a difference in the "WHY's" that surround me.


  1. Shelly, do you think God convicts everyone who considers those questions? Does He convict them in the same ways? What if our conviction moves us to action that doesn't necessarily include adoption - but support in other ways? --HS

  2. Holly, I believe God is always at work in convicting us and most definitely it will not all be in the same way. There are many non-adoptive ways to support orphans and those still with living family. The "best" thing would be to meet their needs before they became orphans!!! Often we don't meet those needs so then they become orphans. There are many AMAZING organizations that are just waiting for people to respond to help them do just that. Hhmmm ... I should post some links on those. :) Even here in the states there are many ways to support those in need. Great questions!! Thanks for asking.