Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Curriculum Chaos

Fellow homeschooling moms ... this post is for you. :)

Do you ever suffer from "homeschooling mom headache syndrome"? It can come and go at different times, but often in the spring one can especially be found suffering from this syndrome. Between the kids having spring fever and the curriculum catalogs piling up .... it can lead to total chaos for sure.

Obviously with having a graduate this year, we've been at this homeschooling journey awhile now. Wow, things have changed over the years! Not only are there different styles of homeschooling but about a bazillion dozen curriculum choices of each kind to choose from! Seriously craziness! OPTIONS are a WONDERFUL thing! Yet, if they take all the joy and focus out of the journey then sometimes they end up as nothing more than additional stumbling blocks.

As I wade through our current family dynamics, kids' needs and various options I've found myself thinking on these things to keep me grounded:

  • There is no one "right" curriculum. {it really is true, moms!!!}

  • There is no one "right" method of homeschooling. {I know, those catalogs can have you believing otherwise, can't they?!?!}

  • God knows my kids' needs even better than I do. {Perhaps then I should be including him HIGHLY in the decision-making process.}

  • I need to NOT focus on what everyone else is doing and find a good fit for my current family dynamics. {repeat 3 times so it fully sinks in}

  • It is OK if I do things different from how I did them with my older kids. {shakes head still trying to embrace that}

  • Character training should always remain at the top of my priority list. {Might as well embrace the teaching moments, cuz they are most important for the long-haul.}

  • Not every year will look the same. {more accurate - NO year will look the same}

I'm still thick in the decision-making process. What a blessing it is to have so many homeschooling friends around the globe to gather insight from. I'm trusting that the Lord will help me wade through all the curriculum chaos and show me His will for this next year for the kiddos He has entrusted to my care. I want so much to not lose sight of the big picture and what matters for eternity.

Feel free to share in the comments about your own journey! I would love to hear what has been a blessing for your family and why.


  1. Private Christian School has been a blessing!LOL

    My daughter is in 5th grade now, but for 3rd, we decided we would homeschool. We felt like God was leading us there and that it would benefit our family with the way my husbands work hours were.

    We realized it was not for us! Yes, God did move in our family. But, I stopped enjoying my daughter at the same time. What I didn't know then--I just found out this year--is that our daughter has auditory processing difficulties, along with some other things. Her memory is not good... especially when she's read to. Have her read it and soak it in and she's a sponge! So, homeschooling for her, learning to understand directions and follow through was not easy.

    Add a Mama who wanted things done a certain way and on time and it made for a horrible experience. I did search around for curriculm, but I went with one that another friend of mine used for her daughter. It was structured and I loved that! I'm all about keeping things in order.

    I now see that it didn't work for my daughter. If we ever had to homeschool again, I know it would be different. I pray we never do.lol But, knowing what my daughter needs and learning to help her cope with the difficulties she has, I believe, would help this go around.

  2. Shelly, I love this post! You are right on about the curriculum chaos! What's even more hilarious, is when someone first finds out that you home school, and they even today ask "So Where Do you find curriculum?", as if I have ask special permission from the public schools to find it!

    Through the years of teaching my two now homeschool graduates, I'm 100% sure I didn't choose the right curriculum every time, and it's really OK. In the end, it really didn't make a huge difference in their education. If I could go back, it would be to listen more to the Holy Spirit urging me to focus on Bible Study, Character, Wisdom, and embracing those teachable moments! I guess I better take my own advice for the next 17 years of home education I've got ahead of me:)