Monday, March 21, 2011

Who do You Adore?

If eyes could speak, my six year old girl would never have to move her lips. Her eyes speak volumes. They always have. Here they speak "adore". Plain and simple, this little girl is head-over-heals with her big brother. There's heavy competition, as she has three AMAZING big brothers!!

This momma's heart is quite sentimental these days. Here pictured is my "Senior" and "Kindergartener". Enough said??? Sigh. :) I can't say that this time has caught me by surprise, because I've been preparing for it all of his life. Those of you who are mommas know what I mean. That constant battle of living in the present and preparing for the future. Fretting over laundry, spills, discipline, legos all over the floor ...... while knowing all too very soon it will all be over. Wanting them not to grow up too fast, while also wanting to fully prepare them to spread their wings.

This photo is so much more than just a brother and a sister. It's a picture of God's incredible love. You see, God didn't just call my husband and I to adoption. He drew the heart of our children to Him also. Answering God's call to adoption for our family was a deep commitment. There already weren't many extras. Our boys were well aware of that (at ages 11, 9 and 6). They didn't care. Well, that really isn't true either .... they DID care. They cared more that a child without a family would have one than their own selfish pleasures. The Lord gave them faith to believe that beyond all odds, we COULD step forward in obedience and do this. He gave them a passion to work hard. And we saw them do it with great JOY. The older two hung up signs all over town trying to get odd-jobs to help raise money. Throughout that summer they'd do just about anything someone would hire them for to earn a few dollars here and there. They also set aside money out of their daily paper route. All of this was their own doing .... as parents we were humbled to see their hearts for the Fatherless. It was a time of drawing close as a family and walking toward God's call on our lives even if the world didn't understand.

What a beautiful thing it's been to see our sons and daughters grow up together. I guess back then, I wasn't thinking that my oldest son would only have about six years with this precious child before he'd be leaving. He's definitely made the most of that time. He's poured into her life in such wonderful ways. What a blessing it is to see when he comes home from work and she goes running to him asking .... "Can you play with me???". He smiles and assures her that he can. He always makes time for her. He lets her ask him 3 questions at night if he takes a turn tucking her in {unlike Mom & Dad's 1 question limit - haha!}. He knows what calms her when she's gone ballistic and emotional. He makes her feel like the most important person ever when she wants to tell him something that happened in her day. He doesn't hold a grudge if she's naughty while we're away.

As you prepare for graduation, you can't help but look back and reflect. And as I do, I can't help but adore my Heavenly Father and all He's done. We could have said "no" to God during that time in our lives. We had every practical {and some might say SENSIBLE} reason to just shrug it off as impossible. I mean really, aren't vacations and a second vehicle and eating out "rights" of the American child? :) What about college funds?

Some of you are sitting in the midst of those decisions. God has been tugging at your heart about the needs of orphans. He's been bringing to your mind what matters more for eternity. You struggle wondering what others would think. Maybe even wondering what your own family would think. You fear what it might cost you .... beyond your bank account. Are you brave enough to ask yourself the hard question? ..... "Who do you adore"?

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