Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Soup for Supper

Here in Central IL we've been having flip-flop weather {and no I'm not talking about the cute shoes you wear on your feet}. One day the warm sun comes and we don't even have to wear winter coats. The next day it's snowing again. This week we've had some really drizzly/dreary days. It seems like on such days SOUP is what's for supper. :)

I'm a "throw together" kind of cook. Especially when making soup! Often times friends will ask me for one of my recipes and it's almost embarrassing to say there isn't one. Recipes for something like soup just feels so restricting. However, in my attempt to work on some projects with hospitality, I am trying .... REALLY trying ... to document. Sigh.

The other day I had one of the boys put some potatoes into the oven for soup. I've always been a fan of potato soup, but even MORESO after learning about the deliciousness of BAKED potato soup. It takes potato soup to a whole new level of YUM. In an effort to frustrate my third son, oldest daughter suggested Spinach & Potato Soup (as she knows how much he just 'loves' spinach). Ha. I decided instead to substitute broccoli into her idea. Just so happens to be her fave vegetable and I had some broccoli that needed used up.

When it was time to get the potatoes out of the oven I was surprised with THIS site. Now only ONE child of mine would do such a thing. Those of you who knew us in our earliest days of parenting will know who. ;) Yep, the same guy who used to LINE UP cars to "play" instead of actually "playing" with them like most kids did. I had to just LAUGH when I saw this.

Anyway, the Baked Potato & Broccoli Cheesy Soup really hit the spot. Maybe you'll enjoy it as well.

Baked Potato & Broccoli Cheesy Soup

Bake 8 or so potatoes for about an hour at 350 degrees or til done. (be sure to prick your potatoes before baking or they will explode as they bake - I failed to tell this to my children once which made for one major disaster!)

Saute 1 sweet onion (sliced/chopped thin) and 2 generous tablespoons of minced garlic in about 3-4 tablespoons of butter or margarine. Saute til completely limp and golden.

Cook up a package of frozen broccoli.

Put 4 cups milk and two cups chicken broth in your crockpot. Add in about 6 slices of cheese. Peel baked potatoes and cut into chunks & place in crockpot. Add in your yummy onion/garlic mixture. Add broccoli.

Sprinkle in some Hidden Valley Ranch Mix (I buy mine in bulk). Add a little pepper if you want. Next add in a big ole' scoop of sour cream.

Mix all together and heat til hot, then put on keep warm setting til ready to eat.

I really hope we can wear flip-flops soon!! Just think of how fewer pairs of socks I'd have to deal with on a weekly basis! :)


  1. Sounds really good!!Throw-together recipes are normally the best;)

  2. sounds yummy! :) When you say slices of cheese, what kind do you mean specifically? And was it C that did those potatoes? Was he home? that would be my guess for something so orderly...could be wrong though! :)

    1. Jen, I used processed slices this day. You could use regular or shredded. The consistency might not be quite as smooth, but flavor would still be great. If you need to thicken at all, you can just use some cornstarch (mixed with water and added to soup). Yes, it was C. ;)