Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sometimes I Forget . . .

Sometimes I forget to take those 'moments'. You know the ones .... when you STOP going at warp speed and instead of shooing off the littles that are underfoot you actually INVITE them into your space and work together. Today I was reminded of those moments.

I think there's a tendency when you have bigs and littles {by the way I realize those aren't words in spell check, but they are for me so I use them}, it's easy to just go with what works FASTEST most efficiently instead of what is most important. Am I alone here? It's a whole lot more convenient to call for a big kid to prepare the salad for supper {especially the teen son who will be eating 2 adult sized portions alone!} instead of the little newly four year old who would feel like queen of the castle for a turn on momma's stool.

Why is it that we can be with our kids 24/7 and often not really "BE" with them? There is both value in quality AND quantity of time with our children. One without the other still comes up short.

Today I STOPPED. I looked at my precious new four year old and asked if SHE would like to help momma make the salad. Inside I cringed to think of how seldom I do this. And guess what? We had GREAT FUN! What had been a rather vigorous and challenging day to me all of a sudden transformed into a wonderful moment spent with the youngest in the batch. ;) There is reason to be concerned .... I just called my daughter the youngest of the "batch". Can you tell I spent the largest portion of my day doing l-a-u-n-d-r-y?

What about YOU? What are some ways that you take time to enjoy those special 'moments' with the children that God has entrusted to your care? I would love to hear about them!!

My mom taught me so much in the kitchen growing up. They were some of my favorite times spent with her. Today as I chatted with Sweet M about the color of the peppers and the lettuce my heart just cringed re-learning all the WONDER and JOY a 4 yr old has with such simple tasks as being momma's kitchen helper.

I need to not rest in the achievement of having taught three amazing sons how to work their way around a kitchen. I need to be faithful to do the same with my littles. Perhaps one of these pics will soon be placed in my "forever under construction" kitchen so that I don't forget too often.

Please share in the comment section ways that you include your children when you don't forget.

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  1. WOW! What a sad reminder that, unfortunately, I DID forget waaaaaaay too often! Of course, I didn't really spend much time in the kitchen myself - since it was just my daughter and I from the time she was 4 1/2 years old, I'm nearly ashamed to say I didn't do a lot of 'homemade' meals :(

    However, I relate this to the times when she would want to help fold laundry (towels, washcloths, etc) and most times I just did it myself because - as you said, it was 'most efficient'. But the times that I DID remember were so much more special and, quite honestly, seemed to be accomplished quicker because we were doing it together :)

    My daughter will be 25 in December and we STILL love to do things together. So my prayer for others today is that, if you still have "littles", take this post to heart and do your best to remember to include them more often. I could say I 'regret' not doing it more - but the truth is, I did the best I could with what I knew then and we turned out okay thanks to God's grace and mercy. You all will, too :)