Friday, March 25, 2011


We are {STILL!!!!!!!!} working on our kitchen project. Yes, it's been going on for over a year awhile now. :) Progress. That's what makes me happy. As we tore out a bunch of the old kitchen, we set most of it aside, hoping to salvage as much as we could. Those materials have come in handy when we went to build a new pantry where the old second stairway used to be. Love me some free supplies! My hubby has managed to re-purpose much of it into a lovely new corner unit that will serve as pantry, home office for his business, and a few educational supplies.

As I watched all of these pieces be put together, I couldn't help but think about how much God has "re-purposed" my life. "To give a new purpose or use" is what the dictionary says. As I worked on fixing all the messed up areas on these pieces of lumber I thought of how God has done the same with me. He's sanded off rough edges. He has manipulated pieces of me back together so they can be useful again. He's covered over all my junk and sin with WHITE. In reality, when we receive Christ He makes us new. He gives us new life. A new purpose. A new function. And I believe with all of my heart that he uses all the junk we came with. Sometimes things happen to us that cause us to appear and feel pretty dented up and warped and gouged. But He is the great carpenter.

I now have GLORIOUS pantry storage near the cooking area again in our home!!! We're still working on getting it all set up. The section to the left of these double doors will be where our copier/printer and David's office files will go. Then counter top between this unit and the fridge. It's starting to all come together.

These doors were NOT easy to cover. Two coats of heavy duty primer barely sealed it. I thought of my own life and how God has covered me. He's taken me from what I was to what He designed me to be. He didn't throw me out as a piece of unusable stuff. No, He salvaged me. He re-purposed me. He's still doing that even today. Some days I look pretty banged up and need to go to Him and allow Him to do His work on me.

What about you? Are you trusting Him to work in your life? Do you sometimes feel like that pile of broken pieces lying around? I know at times I do. We can trust Him to make something beautiful of our lives and of the lives of those we love. He's still working on us. None of us are beyond repair.

We need to find some type of door closers yet and then this project is about complete. The girls have been putting the lower section to great use with their puzzles, coloring books and supplies. I had forgotten how much easier clean up is when there is a plan and a place for things!! That's the craziness of living in the midst of construction long-term ... sometimes there is no place to put things! :) Off to scour "home office" photos in google image to find a plan for above the counter top between this unit and the fridge to the left.

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