Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Full Heart

What a blessed time I just had at Hearts at Home conference in Central IL! I couldn't help but think back to how many years I've spent as a momma feeling pretty alone at times. It's a huge blessing to gather with other moms and hear from incredible speakers that reach in and touch your heart with their stories and experiences and then more importantly direct you to the Father's heart.

I was really excited to hear Jennifer Rothschild, as I got to go through her study on "A Thought Closet Makeover". If you don't know her testimony, you really need to check it out. What a great reminder she gave her listeners to trust our Heavenly Father no matter what we're going through. "It can be well with our soul, even if it's not well with our circumstances" will be a quote of hers that resonates in my heart for a very long time.

My schedule included two sessions by Wendy Pope. In "The Scriptures Are Alive" she shared her passion and love for the Word of God. It wasn't always that way for her. She shared very candidly about the journey God brought her on in the last several years and how He now uses that passion to reach out to many women through her on-line community. I thought about the years that I was so lonely in ND and how I could have greatly benefited from such community. If you are feeling a bit alone on your journey, I'd really encourage you to check out the resources she offers. My second session with Wendy was titled "Yes, No & Maybe of a Balanced Life". What a great encouragement that workshop was to me as I seek the Lord in finding balance in this new season of my life.

Those who heard Dr. Julianna Slattery no doubt came away blessed, encouraged and equipped as they trust the Lord about intimacy with their husbands. I especially appreciated how Juli challenged her audience to trust God no matter what their past or baggage is. I look forward to reading a couple of books she has written.

I was delighted that Tammy Maltby's session on hospitality showed up on my schedule! "Lifegiving Hospitality ... Start Simply, but Simply Start!" was a passionate message about the WHY and HOW of hospitality. Tammy didn't just give the how-to's and INCREDIBLE recipes concerning hospitality. She addressed the great NEED of reaching out and ministering to others. I found myself nodding in agreement all throughout her wonderfully passionate message!

Then my afternoon ended with the heartfelt message from Jill Savage, leader of Hearts at Home. Jill shared with us about the theme for this conference which was the Mom Revolution. She taught us much about what real love is. From her heart she communicated the current journey God has her on and how He is so faithfully teaching her how to truly love.

My weekend was deeply blessed with two special friends and a whole lot of sweet fellowship. I am so thankful the Lord provided for me to attend this conference and spend time getting my heart full of encouragement and truth. I look forward to seeing how He changes me as a result of all I learned. I want so much to serve my family well. I want to serve the women God brings into my life well. Most importantly I want to serve my Heavenly Father well. I love the image of the heart in this post. God knows the condition of our hearts. He's well aware of the places that have been hurt and broken. He's fully capable of stitching them together and working His healing into those deep places. What a loving Heavenly Father we have!!

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