Monday, February 21, 2011

Becoming sisters

Been thinking back a lot to the time that our girls became sisters. You can read about that all HERE. Nearly three years ago we laid on eyes on our precious sweetie from Ethiopia. These photos were from our first morning at home all together {FINALLY at last!!!}. The girls were vastly different in size back then. They are pretty much the same size now, yet two full years apart. Big sis had climbed into little sis's crib to tell her good morning! :)

God has taught me so much about how to love through their lives. I've learned incredible truths about how He loves ME, His child. He's taught me new ways to parent and shepherd my kids. He's taught me what lack of trust looks like. He's taught me what faith really is. I'm so thankful.

I ache for the children who wait .... needing the love of a family.

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