Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What Love Looks Like

Today, as I was cleaning out bedrooms and unpacking a box of books (yes we are still trying to settle in to this house two YEARS later) ... I came across a treasure. It was a journal I had for our second daughter's adoption. There are only a few entries .... which proves how much the process itself and life was consuming us .. there was little time to write. The year of her adoption was one of the hardest we have ever faced on every level. We were in the midst of searching for wisdom on what God was leading us to do concerning ministry ... it was also the year of our middle son's horrific sledding accident ... and many other challenges thrown into the mix. Yet it was also an incredible year of God pursuing us, leading, challenging and guiding us in such powerful ways. The journal entry below would have been written probably a couple of months before this photo was taken when our sweet girl was very ill with TB. (this actual photo is once she was at our agency's care center on her road to wellness) It's amazing to look back and see how everything was woven together.

Journal Entry ~

To my dear one ... half way across the world,

Oh my precious child ... starting your journal is so long overdue. Our journey to you began months ago. Once a decision was made everything began happening so quickly and we found ourselves overwhelmed by paperwork and fund raising. Days became weeks and weeks became months. We are now through our home study and much of the paper work.
Let me record for you some testimony of what led us to you. It began in my heart wee-one. I heard the Father calling me to you. There were so many things that I did not understand. I never dreamed we would adopt again. There were surely too many mountains in the way. But the Lord was relentless ... He kept on prodding me to research, to pray .... to believe in His infinite plan. While we were open to another domestic adoption .... I knew that this time would be different. I knew you were far, far away. After some time, I poured out my heart to your Daddy ... telling him about all the things that the Lord had been showing me. We both wept and committed our future and yours to the Lord Almighty. Never have we turned back. We have seen God do amazing things thus far and we continue to trust Him for all the details that lie ahead.

Oh how I long to hold you ..... to see your face and touch your sweet skin. It is so painful to not be with you right now. You are already so much a part of our lives. There is so much to tell you that I don't even know where to begin.

Not everyone understands why we would travel so far to get you ... but do not fear my child ... I heard your cries and I felt the Lord move and we are coming. A whole family waits for you.

Oh how I love you ... but even greater is the love of the One who created you and holds you in the palm of his hand.

Love~ Mommy

I sat there just amazed, once again, today. I was reminded that this is what LOVE looks like. Many people in our lives didn't understand ... but GOD understood. He was the One who called us on this journey ... and He was the One that stood with us day after long day of the journey.

For the waiting adoptive family it can be really overwhelming ... you love someone SO MUCH that you have NEVER seen. I know many of you reading know the kind of love I'm talking about. So to you, dear families .... let me just encourage you to HOLD ON. Do NOT lose heart. Do NOT give up. The One who called you will be FAITHFUL. And even now ... as you wait ... He waits WITH your child ... HIS child. He knows every fear you have ... He knows every single obstacle standing in your way. You can TRUST Him. Know that you don't wait alone ... He's right there wanting to walk WITH you.

Soon we will celebrate three years with Arsema. Three years .... that just blows my mind. Tomorrow I'll share a couple more entries ... I'm so thankful that God showed us what love looks like. Do you know His love? You are the reason He sent His son, my friend.

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