Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Scene

As I was taking down our Christmas decor and trying to get some cleaning done (to prepare to get back into school routine this week) I snapped this pic quick. This scene isn't just for Christmas. This scene represents why I get out of bed each day. No matter my circumstances .... this scene is enough. No matter the depth of heartache or pain of grief ... if not for this scene, there would be no reason to put my feet on the floor each morning (well other than some really hungry littles demanding some breakfast!!). :)

Anybody else out there feeling a bit overwhelmed? (gosh I hope I'm not the only one)

When I get those waves of overwhelming thoughts ... it's time to refocus and remember this scene that I just spent the last two months teaching my youngest two children about. This baby came to give LIFE. I need to remember WHO He is so that I can accomplish what He's given me to do. With out Him I'm so stinkin' sunk it's not even funny.

He is all I need each and every day. That does not mean all of my days will go smooth or without pain. Quite the contrary. If I'm doing what He's given me to do, my days might bounce about rough at times and no doubt will there be disappointment and failures. But I don't walk the journey alone. I don't face the trials alone. I don't weep alone. HE IS WITH ME. And He's there with you ... if you'll have Him. He came for each of us ... but not just to be celebrated at Christmas. He came to walk this journey WITH us.

What about you ... needin' someone to walk the journey with you? Remember the scene. He came with a purpose.

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