Saturday, January 8, 2011

Progress with a Capital P!

TAKE TWO. First writing of this post vanished. Literally. Break computer or attempt re-writing? I chose the latter.

While I'm waiting on paint to dry (AGAIN) I thought I'd give an update of our current kitchen renovation. Photo to the right is the newly painted corner unit that will house the pantry and office nook. Most of the supplies were refurbished from the old pantry. For those of you who have been to our home before, this is where the old back stairway was. The one that I've missed a total of ZERO times! :) I am now handing this project back over to the man of the house who will do the framing for doors! DOORS!! .... how I LOVE them! AFTER the doors are built and painted ... did you catch that? ... AFTER! ... then we'll install a piece of countertop that will join this unit to the fridge. This will create a home office nook.

It's definitely progress from just two weeks ago when it looked like this! This was the week OF Christmas. :) Hubby informed me no one else would be wanting their house torn apart the week of Christmas so he finally got back to working on ours. I get so many comments on how great it is that my husband can do all these home renovations for free. I have learned to laugh. :) It's true that we are VERY blessed to have family members that have the abilities to do such projects. Without them we probably wouldn't even have a place to live in at this point. Well, other than a tent or something like that. :) God was so gracious in providing a place for us near our family for this season of our lives. Little by little it's starting to become HOME.

Speaking of doors!, these lovely doors were made by my middle-man-son with the help of his Gpa. Dad has been out on mail route lately and couldn't continue with the kitchen projects. Nathaniel loves any excuse to call up Gpa and work in the woodshop. The pitcher/jar on the doors? That is my lovely little find at Goodwill yesterday. $3.49. Score! We've been needing another pitcher and what is it with all the strange colors they have on pitchers? I loved this glass one when I saw it and knew it would be the perfect addition to our kitchen ... thinking OJ. I think I was even more excited about getting to go to Goodwill ALONE. Ah ... bliss!

The lovely doors will be mounted to this new upper cabinet. Yep, another project from the middle-guy! He and his Gpa built this one awhile back when dad was out on a paid job. This reminds me that I probably need to make dinner for Gpa for his graciousness in supervising projects, yet again. :)

See the tiny bottle with red packaging? That's some nasty stop-sucking-your-thumb stuff. It doesn't work, if your child is an addict. I really need to throw it away and just hope that she'll be done sucking her thumb by the time she walks down the aisle someday. :) The big gap at the top of the cabinet? Yeah .... always a work in progress around here. But!, the hubby cut a board too short for the pantry the other day and so we can now salvage it and use for this cabinet. Yeah! It will be perfect for not-used-every-day items. See the toaster underneath? That will be the new home for this used-every-day gem! I had BEGGED (which is different from NAGGING - truly it is!) for this outlet to be hooked up recently. About 15 min later and we had power. He had previously had me convinced that it would take a long time. Yep, he got some flack on that one!!, along with some lovin'. Gotta keep the guy motivated, ya know? :)

Next up is the corner cabinet which is located at the busiest part of our kitchen. I could tell you that I staged this (MESSY) photo for dramatic purposes for when you see the finished ones. But, that would be a LIE. This is REALITY living in the midst of home repair/renovation long-term. Often there is not even a place for things to go, let alone everything in it's place. We're almost to the point where we'll take out all contents of every cabinet and find a new organized home in our new space. Note-to-self .... plan family meeting so all are informed of said plan. Extra note-to-self ... bake something REALLY yummy for meeting in attempt to get FULL attention. On this door will be a new place for our spices which I'm incredibly excited about!! We buy our spices in bulk, but don't need the large containers stuffed in our one of three upper cabinets. Ok, some would say we have 5 actually, but I don't count the two above micro and fridge that I can't reach, let alone see the contents of.

This area still needs (MUCH) work to pull together. The upper cabinet followed the fridge to this new wall since it was already built. The fridge sits where the old pantry was ... the pantry that made for a NARROW hallway to dining room. The stove used to open right in front of the opening to the hallway .. yes, blocking it ... lovely when you have littles and a busy/bustling home. :) Check out the fridge! Isn't that BEAUTY? We are SO blessed to have so many dear families in our lives across the miles. Between fridge and new corner unit will be the countertop/home office nook (remember AFTER doors are built to hide any office clutter). I can't decide yet what do about this section completely. I could put some open shelves (which would be MUCH too tempting for hubby to load up with work/clutter!!). Feel free to link me to all your fave home office ideas in the comments!! I'm definitely still working on an idea here to tie all this together.

All kidding aside though, I am SO thankful to be walking the journey of life with this guy. It hasn't always been a fairytale. As I shared here ... it takes many colors to make the tapestry of our lives. I just can't imagine my life without him. He loves me so deeply. Not just on the easy days, but also on the ones where I'm freaking out because I cannot handle any more home renovations. I love working to make our home a haven for him and the many who come through here.

Back to painting. The paint has dried more than enough (note having to re-do this entire post). :)

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  1. For the office area... what about a magnetic/chalkboard (could be paint-on or a "real" one, you know?) with a shelf along the very top (to hold cookbooks?), and magnetic or affixed cups/bins to hold office stuff (pens, paperclips, rubberbands, tape, scissors, paper/files, stamps, envelopes, etc) along the sides.

    It kind of depends on what you will really be using the space for, but for our kitchen nook, this would be most helpful to me. If we had a kitchen office nook area. Which we don't. :)