Friday, January 7, 2011

Painting a Tapestry

There's lots of painting going on here today. The boring kind really. Cream. Cream in my Coffee is the actual name ... cool name, huh? Still ... boring. As I was painting I was reminded of how our lives are like a big tapestry, painted by God. Have you ever looked at an artist's color palette? Usually there are SO very many colors that work together and in the end create a beautiful tapestry. I'm not an artist. Not at all! I paint boring things like cabinets. :) But, I know this girl ... her name is Anne. Our recent family pics are from the work of Anne. Photography, painting, athletics ... God packed a whole bunch of amazing creativity and talent into this young woman. (note pic to the right!) :)

Just as a painting is full of many colors, so are our lives. There are times we experience the blackness that is part of the tapestry God is creating. Blackness can come in many forms ... betrayal, death of a loved one, an affair, financial ruin ... we all have strokes of blackness in our lives in one form or another. It's at those times that we often have a really hard time in seeing the bigger picture. We only feel the pain that darkness brings. There have been times in my life that nearly all I saw was blackness. I look back over my life and can hardly believe the tapestry that God has created.

This picture's a picture of God's incredible grace. I think sometimes though when we see a family portrait with everyone smiling that we get misled. There were a lot of long years that led up to the point where we are today. Many colors were painted throughout. There were seasons were God was laying the foundation .... and some of those years required a lot of dark colors. There was pain that words would only fail to express. However there have been other seasons as well. Seasons of lighter colors ... even beautiful blues, greens and anyone that knows our family can't forget the pink. As Anne took photos for us late last summer, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed in realizing we're all here ... together. You can see more of her beautiful work here !!

God isn't done with the tapestry of our lives. Even now we are walking through days of grief, mixed with the excitement of a child soon graduating. One thing I've learned over the years is to trust that God truly does bring JOY in the morning. The pain you currently face isn't the last chapter. There IS JOY ... to be found in Him. Last fall I had the privilege of sharing some of my testimony at a local banquet. Perhaps it would encourage you today to hear the song that was sung. Josh Wilson - Before the Morning. Maybe you are waiting for morning to come. It will come, my friend. We must hang on to Him and trust Him.

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  1. shelly,
    this post (just like ALL of your wonderful posts!) hit so close to home! the idea of God painting a beautiful "tapestry" in our lives with ALL of the colors, not just the pretty ones is such a reflection of our adoption journey, as you know....that is one of the reasons we chose "Our Family Tapestry" as our blog's name and why we celebrate the day we met Atticus and Scarlett Paige in Ethiopia and called it "Tapestry Day" instead of Gotcha Day or anything else. The word "tapestry" reserves special meaning for us as it is how the Lord has so faithfully woven our family together!! The painting analogy is such a beautiful perspective!! I love it!! Oh, and Josh Wilson's song is so special to our family as well!!! Pretty much, the Lord has used you and this post to remind me of His grace and faithfulness and once again, encourage my heart! thank you, sweet friend!!!