Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moms ... meet my friend, Mary!

Here's a shout out to moms! We're almost half way into January of a NEW year. Are you feeling defeated already? I know at times I sure have been. Maybe you KNOW a mom that's probably going through the same thing! I'd love to share about a couple of books that a sweet friend of mine, Mary, has written.

Family Feasts for $75 a Week is such a great resource! It's full of fabulous ideas on cutting costs in the kitchen as well as an amazing variety of recipes! Home school moms ... this would be a great addition to your curriculum. Seriously! I know my family will be really happy when I try out some new recipes this year!

A Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family ... the title makes me smile. No matter if you have 1 or 11 children, this book would be a wonderful blessing for you! Mary tackles topics such as "Parenthood and Stress", "The Supermom Myth", "Encouraging Sibling Friendships" and the big one ... "Money"! I found myself nodding along in agreement with so many of her great insights.

Back in October, just before my grandpa and then my own dad passed away, I got the absolute treat of meeting up in real life with Mary at the Together for Adoption conference in Austin, TX. Mary was there as a guest blogger (if you don't know about her blog, you must check it out! at I was there through my work with the ABBA Fund. We got to meet up over a scrumptious dinner and chat about many things that we share in common ... family, adoption, marriage, teens, multi-ethnic family, motherhood, home schooling. Yeah, you get the picture, I wish she lived next door! ;) Speaking of pictures, that is my only regret! ... we didn't get a picture. :(

Sometimes this mothering gig can feel pretty lonely ... I hope today you have been reminded you are not alone. Even if you don't have many friends right in your vicinity ... know that there are others across the globe who are on a similar journey.

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