Monday, December 27, 2010

Thoughts of Her ...

Each year at this time my heart is drawn so deeply to a special woman I never got the blessing of meeting in real life. I think of how difficult her journey must have been ... how wretchedly alone she must have felt.

In just a few days the amazing little girl she gave birth to will turn six. I cannot imagine our lives without her. Literally. When God brought Naomi into our lives He didn't just add to our family a daughter .... but He taught us about His heart! He taught us about His love. He taught us about sacrifice. He taught us on a much deeper level what it meant to care more about eternal things than earthly things. I'm so glad He brought her into our lives.

As I watch this precious child grow and blossom, I feel like I sometimes get glimpses of that other special woman. As I hear my daughter giggle, it makes me wonder what 'her' laughter sounds like. When she shows her Texas-sized spunk in full color ... I have to smile and wonder.

When we adopted Naomi, we thought she'd be the baby in the family. Little did we know that God would call us to adopt yet again and she'd grow up being a "big sister" too.

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