Sunday, December 19, 2010

3 Christmases Ago ...

This photo was our Christmas card three Christmases ago. Wow, so much has changed. I'll never forget that Christmas. We were entering the window of expecting a call from our agency any day about our referral. Our hearts ached to know WHO it was that God was bringing into our family. There was joy and sadness that Christmas. Wanting all of our children finally together ... sadness wondering how our wee-one a half world away was doing ... trying so hard to picture her face.

All three guys in this picture now are TEENS! We are extremely blessed. It hasn't been an easy journey. No regrets. God knew what He was doing. He had so much to teach us about His heart.

Little did we know that in about two months we'd see THIS sweet face. And a couple of months later she'd no longer be in that small little crib waiting .... but in the arms of family. How grateful we are for the amazing caregivers who loved, cuddled and comforted her while she waited.

This Christmas ... I think about the other many waiting children. As we make our Christmas lists ... are we missing someone? Are we more consumed with the things we're filling our lives with than the people that need someone to care? God cares. He cared so much that He sent His one and only son .... for you and for me. That kind of love is hard to even fathom, but it's REAL. That kind of love is what this season is all about. Perhaps you're not able to welcome a child into your family at this time ..... but many are ... and they could really use your help. So many ways we can care for the fatherless ... if we'll only care enough to.

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