Friday, December 31, 2010

His Hankie

I saw it in my laundry one day recently... pretty much the last thing I would ever have been expecting to see. After a moment I remembered how it must have gotten there. My husband had been working at my dad's one day and ended up using one of his hankies to cover something ... ok, really I don't remember the details at all. :)

But there it was .... the red hankie. That was all it took for my grieving heart to be swept back to my childhood. You see, my dad always carried a hankie. Always. But it wasn't just for him ... Dad was quick to pull out his hankie for others also.

As a young girl I often was on the receiving end of such affection from him. We didn't get much time together, as dad was an over-the-road truck driver. Home about 1 out of every 7-10 days average I'd say. But if he was there, and if I had a need, the hankie would come out. Dad was a big man ... but he'd reach in and pull out that hankie and lean down to offer it.

Once I had kids I saw the same love shown to them. It always amazed me. We were home for a visit one time (we lived far away) and one of my kids had a runny nose. Not even a moment of hesitation and dad reached into his pocket and grabbed his hankie.

I found myself pausing to think about that. Am I quick to share what I have with my kids? Ouch .. often, not so much. :)

This all made me stop and think back to another way dad would offer me what he had. On days dad was home he did what truckers did ... they don't lounge around watching TV for countless hours ... they work on their trucks .. so they can go back out on the road. It can honestly be a really difficult cycle for a trucking family. It can cause the family to feel very alone and abandoned. No doubt there is a price to pay. However as I look back I also remember dad showing me he loved me. When dad was in the midst of working on a summer day he really enjoyed having a cold beverage. Sometimes it was my job to go in and get him one out of the fridge. I remember sitting on the steps of my family's house with a cold can for dad. He'd come over and let me open up the can, but he wouldn't grab it from me for himself. No, he'd offer me the first drink. I don't know about you, but I don't hardly ever do that with my kids. No, when I pour my morning coffee or open up my fresh can of diet coke ... I'm not usually thinking ... gee, I wonder if my little child would love to slobber on the can first. :) I never did acquire a long-loving taste for dad's cold beer, but the affection shown me ... that I have treasured always. And I've learned from it. And it's helped make me who I am today.

Just a little over two months ago dad's wife had the heart-wrenching task of setting out dad's clothes to take to the funeral home. With deep affection I watched her fold a red hankie and place it in the pocket of his jeans.

In the new year ... let us not become so busy that we pass by the opportunities to stop and help someone in need. Sometimes all they need is someone to wipe a tear, or a nose ... just that small bit of affection can speak volumes.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Thoughts of Her ...

Each year at this time my heart is drawn so deeply to a special woman I never got the blessing of meeting in real life. I think of how difficult her journey must have been ... how wretchedly alone she must have felt.

In just a few days the amazing little girl she gave birth to will turn six. I cannot imagine our lives without her. Literally. When God brought Naomi into our lives He didn't just add to our family a daughter .... but He taught us about His heart! He taught us about His love. He taught us about sacrifice. He taught us on a much deeper level what it meant to care more about eternal things than earthly things. I'm so glad He brought her into our lives.

As I watch this precious child grow and blossom, I feel like I sometimes get glimpses of that other special woman. As I hear my daughter giggle, it makes me wonder what 'her' laughter sounds like. When she shows her Texas-sized spunk in full color ... I have to smile and wonder.

When we adopted Naomi, we thought she'd be the baby in the family. Little did we know that God would call us to adopt yet again and she'd grow up being a "big sister" too.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Moment in Time

Last year, during the Christmas season we shared one of the sweetest memories I have with my dad and his dear wife. What I would give to reach up to that big 6 ft. 4 in. frame and wrap my arms around him once again. The last time I saw my dad, he was coming by the house to tell me how sorry he was to hear of my grandpa's passing (my mom's father). Back in the day, they had been quite close. My grandpa always had a special place in my dad's heart ... of which I don't even know if my grandpa realized. Just a few days later we'd receive that tragic call that my dad had a heart attack. Hardly another hour would pass and we'd receive yet another call that he didn't make it. There was no time to get to his bedside across the country.

I'm so thankful for the time God gave us here in IL to be near family. As I was tucking our little five year old in the other night to bed we were talking about Grandpa Gene and how we missed his visits. She said to me ... "Mommy, he wasn't even OLD!". Oh, how I know, baby girl.

This picture reminds me to ENJOY the moments we have with our loved ones. We never know when it will be the last happy memory we get to have with them.

Some of you reading this are no doubt grieving for loved ones as well. I pray you know that you are not alone. The one who came as a baby so very long ago is here for you today ... no matter what your circumstances. He came for you and for me. I'm so glad.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Needy .. the Orphan ... the Widow

Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:
to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27

It was in that Texas church this October, with hundreds of voices filled with worship to the Father that God stirred in me a deeper burden for the widow. With boldness, passion and truth, the Together 4 Adoption team ministered to us about the needs of the NEEDY, the ORPHAN ... the WIDOW. It wasn't just an adoption conference .... oh no ... it was so much more than that.

My mind drifted to my grandparents, as we knew my grandpa was in his final days here on this earth. But little did I know that after his passing, 9 days later, my own dad's wife would becoming a widow as well.

Often, my heart as been drawn to James 1:27 and how God groups the widow and orphan into that same sentence. For a long time now, our family has been face-to-face with the needs of orphans. We have been a voice for them, prayed for them, clothed them ... brought them home. But so similar are the needs of widows. And the same things seem to keep us distracted from meeting their needs.

One thing I've witnessed is that it really doesn't matter if a person becomes a widow at a young age or at an older age ... the pain is just as excruciating. The day-to-day factors and obstacles might be different .... but the gut-wrenching need is the same.

Just as we're all called to do something to care for orphans ... we are all called to do something to care for widows. It doesn't matter if that widow is a dear, treasured friend ... or someone we weren't very close to. We are called to CARE, to ACT ... to SERVE.

It is hard to imagine all the changes that occur in a person's life when they enter that status. For each person it's unique ... but stop a moment and think what that might look like if it were you.

You'd roll over each morning, as you have thousands of times before and no longer would your loved one be there. Each day you'd be smacked in the face with the reality that you are now alone. No longer would you take turns getting your morning shower. There would be only need for one coffee cup and one bowl for cereal from now on. When you paused to give the Lord thanks for the day .... your heart would still reach out to grab your mate's hand ... yet your hand would now be empty.

No longer would your car be warmed and your door opened by that one that stole your heart many years ago. No, now you'd have to depend on others to care enough to come and do those things for you. Areas you want so much to be independent with, you might find yourself forced to give up that independence because of your own declining health. Oh how much easier it was to depend on your soul-mate to take over those areas than it is a stranger.

You find yourself opening your mouth, merely out of habit, to tell your loved one something that came into your mind. Then you glance over and remember .... he is not there ... his chair sits empty. There is now no one to share those little day-to-day events with ... unless you get the courage to pick up the phone and reach out to someone ... or if it's a good day, maybe someone will remember to call you.

For the younger widow the details and realities look different in some ways ... yet the pain and emptiness inside is very similar. For her there are often insurmountable financial concerns, children to still parent and heartache no human should be asked to go through alone.

Yet often, just as with the orphan, the widow faces this journey so very alone. Oh sure, at the time of our loved one's passing the crowds come ... they pay their respects .... they genuinely pour out their love and compassion. But in the weeks and months and years to come ... often the widow is faced with a greater depth of aloneness than they have ever known. The quiet they now hear can be absolutely deafening.

I'm convinced that much of what keeps us away from meeting their needs is our busyness. We have jobs, children to care for, places to go, things to do ... all valid, yet I'm convinced our busyness can be like a disease. We are often so self-consumed that we leave no room for the needs of others. So busy we are chasing after our own dreams and pleasures that it's just really easy to not listen to that still, small voice in us telling us there are others with greater needs than our own.

The widow goes from being touched and hugged daily to who knows when. It might be days or weeks between visits from a loved one, when for the last 70 years they've hardly ever been alone.

I had the blessing of visiting my grandma today. As I struggled to pull out of the driveway, I found myself asking the Lord to teach me about His heart. For the past several years He has taught us much about the needs of orphans. In His great faithfulness, two of grandma's little visitors today were precious ones that used to be orphans. I hope I get to go back soon ... if nothing more than to just offer that hug and remind her she is loved.

What about you ... who is in your life the Lord might be asking you to serve? Perhaps there's a little room at your Christmas table for one more this year. Maybe a phone call or note of encouragement would brighten the day of someone you know.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mommy Mania

Do you ever suffer from "Mommy Mania"? You know ... that incredibly frazzled feeling that erupts from deep within or comes crashing at you like waves of the ocean and you feel like you're gonna drown? Please, tell me I'm not the only one! :)

It can be the most basic of things that puts us over the edge .....

  • piles of laundry
  • dirty dishes
  • wet underwear (& I'm not talking wet from the washing machine!)
  • unpaid bills
  • the whining toddler
  • sweet baby who only loves to nurse and not sleep
  • tattlers (they come in all ages!!)
  • snotty noses
  • poopy bottoms
  • what's for dinner crisis
And some times we find ourselves with even deeper things added into the mix:

  • loss of a job/income
  • depression
  • death of a loved one
  • marriage in crisis
  • a teen with some big needs
  • aging parents/grandparents
  • a loved one with porn addiction
  • health problems
  • fears that plague us
  • financial obstacles
  • a child with unexpected special needs
Each day you get up and try to meet everyone's needs. Meanwhile you're in survival mode and before you know it you're running on the Big E!!! E-M-P-T-Y. And it can feel really scary. Sometimes you find yourself facing things you're afraid to even know who to ask to help. Sometimes we're too PROUD to ask for help. Sometimes we're too PRIDEFUL to see our need.

Being a great mom isn't about being Supermom. I know ... I know ... totally goes against most all we hear. Being a great mom is being able to see just how needy we are ... being able to say "gosh I really screwed up today" ... being able to lock yourself in the bathroom and cry out to God for mercy and help.

You know what's so amazing? He's ALWAYS THERE! A-L-W-A-Y-S. I'm talkin' like 24/7 always there. And it gets even better ... He doesn't charge us. FREE consultation, ladies. WHY are we so BUSY and PRIDEFUL to go to HIM?

I don't know about you, but I fail at this momma-gig often. I feel sometimes as if God whispers to me ...... "newsflash sweetie ... you're a sinner!! ... you are gonna fail! ... but it's OK!!! ... cuz I've got your back! .... I'm HERE! ... I'm still working!! ... it's gonna be alright!".

Do you know that? .... It's gonna be alright? It's GONNA be alright! The chapter of your story that you're on right now? .... that is NOT the end! This life we're living right now? ... is NOT the end!!! There is such a bigger picture. What we're doing today DOES matter for tomorrow! (but that is another post)

In the meantime .... where do we go for help? Take a look at Psalm 121.

1 I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
where does my help come from?
2 My help comes from the LORD,
the Maker of heaven and earth.

3 He will not let your foot slip—
he who watches over you will not slumber;
4 indeed, he who watches over Israel
will neither slumber nor sleep.

5 The LORD watches over you—
the LORD is your shade at your right hand;
6 the sun will not harm you by day,
nor the moon by night.

7 The LORD will keep you from all harm—
he will watch over your life;
8 the LORD will watch over your coming and going
both now and forevermore.

The busyness of the holidays can add to the "Mommy Mania". Don't forget where you can look for HELP. Your kids (of all ages) will be so glad you did. ;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

3 Christmases Ago ...

This photo was our Christmas card three Christmases ago. Wow, so much has changed. I'll never forget that Christmas. We were entering the window of expecting a call from our agency any day about our referral. Our hearts ached to know WHO it was that God was bringing into our family. There was joy and sadness that Christmas. Wanting all of our children finally together ... sadness wondering how our wee-one a half world away was doing ... trying so hard to picture her face.

All three guys in this picture now are TEENS! We are extremely blessed. It hasn't been an easy journey. No regrets. God knew what He was doing. He had so much to teach us about His heart.

Little did we know that in about two months we'd see THIS sweet face. And a couple of months later she'd no longer be in that small little crib waiting .... but in the arms of family. How grateful we are for the amazing caregivers who loved, cuddled and comforted her while she waited.

This Christmas ... I think about the other many waiting children. As we make our Christmas lists ... are we missing someone? Are we more consumed with the things we're filling our lives with than the people that need someone to care? God cares. He cared so much that He sent His one and only son .... for you and for me. That kind of love is hard to even fathom, but it's REAL. That kind of love is what this season is all about. Perhaps you're not able to welcome a child into your family at this time ..... but many are ... and they could really use your help. So many ways we can care for the fatherless ... if we'll only care enough to.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

He Came to Love

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about WHY He came. Often we get the "focus" of who this season is about .... but do we really stop to let the WHY penetrate deep within us? Enough to change us? And to transform us into action?

Often we fall into two different groups during the holidays. Group One: Joyful Joe, Shopping Susie, Baking Betty, Light-Up-the-House Lenny, Frantic-but-Fun Florence ... you get the picture. Or perhaps we find ourselves in Group Two: Grieving Georgia, Teary Twyla, Sad Sally, Hurting Henry, Mournful Molly ... again, you get the picture.

It's easy to get lost into Group One or Group Two and totally miss WHY He came. And no matter what group you're in ... the message is so important. Whether your greatest stress is figuring out what buy Grandpa this year ... or figuring out how to get out of bed in the morning ... each can distract us from WHY He came.

How about you?, have you considered lately WHY He came? Not just THAT He came ... but WHY He came? He came to LOVE. He came to love you ... me ... the lost ... the orphan ... the murderer ... the child with a debilitating disease ... the thief. You see ... we are all in the same group when it comes to WHY He came. His love is for EACH of us. And when we GRASP that ... it should spur us on to show that same kind of love to others. That's not always easy to do. But we have His example to learn from.

I love JJ Heller's Song, "What Love Really Means". It so beautifully describes God's love for us. Do you know His love? There is only ONE that will not hurt, disappoint, deceive, lie, steal, betray ... and He came to LOVE YOU ... and to love me. Sometimes the realization of that love is the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning. Be prepared to be forever changed once you realize the depth of His love. It will spur you on to live radically.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who are We Celebrating?

It seems there's a lot of buzz about "keeping Christ in Christmas". I find myself wrestling with that on many levels. First off, if I don't mind my manners, I want to just shout "DUH!!! ... who else is the season about?". Then I stop and kinda scratch my head and wonder how did our culture get to this dilemma ... yes, I'm speaking of the Christian culture here. I have to ask why do we need a little ditty like "Jesus is the Reason for the Season" to cue us and remind us what all the fuss about. Over the years, as I've pondered this increasing challenge surrounding families, I've come to a theory. It's just that, a theory. I'm no genius. In fact, some days I think my children have vacuumed up every last brain cell I have.

Theory ... if Jesus was first in our lives all the other 364 days of the year .... it wouldn't be so hard for us to find a way to make Him front and center on the one other day of the year. Think about it.

I think back to our family's Christmases, because honestly I don't really remember this huge battle or having to take extensive effort in some big transition in making sure He was the focus.

I remember the year while David was in Bible college and we had three small children in a humble apartment living in the inner-city of Chicago trying to survive. I had the blessing of overseeing the boutique on campus that was for the married student families. I'll never forget one day seeing a BRAND NEW HUGE box of crayons. The seal was still unbroken. I was SO full of joy knowing the great fun my oldest would have with those. And the price ... it was perfectly in line with what we could afford that year. $0. Thank you, Lord. :) I also remember the sweatsuits I had found for the boys and how I could even pull off a cozy/comfortable/coordinated photo in front of the tree. You guessed it, from boutiques. Each year I take that framed photo out of the Christmas decorations and remember that season of our lives. I think about how the ONE we were celebrating was always so faithful to provide.

Other years' memories include welcoming hurting people into our home that really didn't have a place to go. No, we weren't related to them. Yes, we ached for our Grandmas and Grandpas that we were far away from and longed to be with. But isn't Christmas about the SAVIOR? ... that baby boy who would grow up to die for all of our sins? Sharing that love with others needs to take precedence over past traditions sometimes.

Then there was the memory of two Christmases ago when we were amazed by all that God had done through our youngest daughter's life. You can read about that JOY here! It was one of the hardest seasons we had ever faced .... circumstances kept us far from family.

I guess for our family, Christmas is just the climax of what we celebrate all year long! The King of Kings!! ... He's the very reason we are alive and have joy. He's the reason we have to get up each morning when all seems hopeless .... when there wasn't enough work ... when dreams were shattered ... when loved ones died.

Perhaps if Christmas to you is about a big 'ole guy in a red suit and beard ... then I guess I could see the dilemma ... but oh how you're missing out. Something I've witnessed through the years is when kids aren't spoiled with every wish being given at their beckon call all year long ... then a few simple and special gifts on December 25th is just a fun way to show our love to each other. I was reminded the other day of what so many children long for.  My daughter looked up at me from coloring and said to me .... "Momma ... if you had not come for me, I would be all alone and would not have a family." As I tried to fathom what she had just said I rubbed her little back and said ... "Oh sweet girl .. I am SO thankful that God told to come to you."

Isn't that what it's all about? This Christ we celebrate? He wants a real and active relationship with you and with me. He doesn't just want our praises on Christmas, but He wants to be Lord of our Lives every day of the year! He is the one that takes us in our brokenness ... with all our defects and inadequacies and SIN .... and He cleanses us and does something beautiful through us. That is what we celebrate.

No matter if this year has been full of incredibly wonderful things for you .... or if you've found yourself in brokenness, despair and agonizing heartache .... you have a reason to celebrate. That baby that came all those years ago? .... He came for you. He offers to you something no "thing" and no "one" can ever give you. Would you take hold of His gift this Christmas?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Seasons Change

One day ... they hand you your new bundle of joy. God brought my first-born into my life during a very dark season. My world had pretty much shattered into a pile of rubble. But, that is another story. During a time I felt so hopeless, it was as if God opened the floodgates of heaven and poured out His love on me in a way I could hardly fathom. I was a "girlie girl" ... and there I was ... momma to a SON! :) I could not have been happier. For so many reasons, I had a deep passion to raise him up as a man of honor. I wanted him to be the kind of man who was devoted ... true to his loved ones ... not afraid of hard work ... gentle, yet strong. And just like they say .... before you know it ... it's all over. You're smacked in the face with the reality that your 'baby' is nearly grown.

Recently it was time to take Senior pictures. I had no idea the emotions those would stir up. Not just sappy tears of "I can't believe this day has come" ... but so much more.

Thankfulness ... for these hands. Hands that aren't afraid of hard work, not only for achieving his own goals but for the needs of others. Others, like his two little sisters ... who likely would not have family if it weren't for his hard work as a team player in a family.

Admiration ... for his vision of looking beyond what is seen, to what is unseen. Caring more about eternal things, than physical things. Not being afraid to sacrifice.

Gratefulness ... for the relationship I get to have with my son who is eager to share his dreams with me. For all the late night talks and things pondered. Moms of little boys ... this is the prize of working all those years to cultivate relationship.

Joy ... in seeing a little boy who overcame so much, grow into this young man so settled in who he is and ready for what's ahead. He knows about victories and set backs ... yet perseveres.

Pride ... in seeing his strong work ethic and not being afraid of whatever it takes to get the job done. Watching God grow him into a servant ... someone who cares about the good of the whole group instead of the selfish gain of one.

Praise ... as I watched him grow up to be a lover of music ... not just interested in sound, but also in content. His heart for worship is contagious. He knows who it is that he wants to please first and foremost, that of which is not man.

Seventeen years ago I had NO idea all the blessings God had in store for me, as a mom. One thing I do know is that so many moms get "short-changed" by the world concerning sons. I've been blessed with three ... each so extremely different ... each equally as wonderful ... one of which is still 'in process' (and don't worry, he'd be proud I told you so). Ha ha. Moms of little boys ... grab hold of the amazing opportunity you have to raise up a leader who will make a difference in this generation. Think about the bride he might have someday and how BLESSED she'll be if you take this calling seriously. And think of your grand-children and the legacy you can be part of to pass down to them. Oh, it is not for the faint of heart. But as each season passes, you're one step closer to the end goal.

C is waiting on news from his application to Bible college. It dawned on me as the new year is coming that part of the year he'll be here with us and, Lord willing, part of it he'll be off on his own into the next season. The little country church in the background is the place where I heard of the depth of God's love for me and the relationship He desires with each of us. It's the place where we stood and dedicated this first-born to the Lord. The place that in a few months we'll hand him his high-school diploma.

3 John 2:4 resonates with me.
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. "

It's not about raising perfect kids ... it's about raising kids that are firmly rooted in truth and who know where to turn when they fall ... then they can get back up and keep going ... into the next season that God has for them. Maybe one day C will walk the aisle of this church with his bride. This momma isn't quite ready for that season ... one season at a time. ;)

(These wonderful photos were taken from a dear friend and photographer Holly Spangler. If you're in the central IL area, you might just want to contact her. ;) She has an amazing way for capturing the heart of her subject. Spangler|Photography ~

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holding Her

Lately, it's been on my mind a lot. The children .... who wait. Sometimes it hits me most when I hug her ... sweet Arsema (Maleah) .... our youngest. I think of all the children we saw in her homeland ... with no one to hug them. I think about what it would be like ... if she were still waiting.

I think of all that God did for her in her short little life. How he led her birthmom to a place that could provide the medicine she needed ... something her young momma could not. I think of the caregivers who helped sustain her in the orphanage.

If you saw my daughter today, you'd never know that was her beginning. You wouldn't know that at nine months old she couldn't bear weight on her legs. So many children wait ... with needs that can be met ... if we will only care. I shudder to think if I had ignored the Lord when He was stirring in my heart about this child. There were so many reasons to just brush it off as nothing. One look at the bank account or our income and you'd see a big word IMPOSSIBLE flash through the sky with lightening. ;) Seriously.

Oh how I had to work to gain this wee-one's trust. So now when she comes through the house looking for me and reaches up to give me a huge hug, I don't take it for granted. And sometimes it just hits me so deeply .... the reminder of all the other children waiting. These kids aren't just a statistic. They are real live people ... each with a story ... each with glorious potential.

As you hug your children today ... will you be brave enough to stop and think of all of the ones who have no one to hug?

Thinking Back to the New Pink Robe

This post was written two Christmases ago .... yet it feels like yesterday. Our spunk 'lil Texan is about to turn 6 now.

Christmas Ponderings

You never know when it's going to hit you. It might come from a certain expression ... a little giggle ... a funny quirk .... or a memorable day. Ah yes, it's often on my mind. I suppose even more around special holidays. But today ...... it was the new pink robe that brought that pierce so tenderly and sharply to my heart.

I noticed she was gone for a few minutes. Sure enough, here she comes boppin' in to where we were .... having ditched the clothes behind with her little chocolate-toned body all adorned in her new robe. "Mommy! ... it's so comfy and cozy!", she said, as she twirled about showing us all. And as I reached for the camera to capture this fun memory, it hit me once again.

My mind drifted off thinking about another momma .... wonder what she'd think of this precious little sight, I thought. Would it make her giggle to see this spunky little girl all happy and dressed in pink?

Often these moments are a little bittersweet for me. I wonder at times if the other momma would approve, for lack of better words, on how we're raising this most amazing little girl that she gave birth to. As I was baking Christmas cookies this year, the thought came to me that she would want us to rejoice in these times and enjoy all these wonderful moments in Naomi's life. She would want her to be happy.

I wonder today if something made her stop and ponder and dream of this wee-one. Oh how I pray she is well and that the God of all Hope is her Peace today.

Soon we'll be celebrating Naomi's 4th birthday. Can it really be four years since I took those flights to get to Texas? How I would have given anything just to have one picture of that dear other momma. And so tonight as I stop and think this all through ...... yes, there are some tears. But oh the JOY of getting to witness this child have LIFE, because of one brave Momma's choice to walk a very difficult journey all alone and give her the best gift she ever could .... the gift to live.

What a privilege it was tonight to sit together and hear the Christmas story being read. For these girls to hear of a most special baby born many, many years ago. He came so that we might have life.

Oh Lord, help us to live our lives well ... for your glory.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Welcome to our new online home “encouraging family”. As the Lord leads and guides us into a new season of ministry, we needed to change things around from our old blog-Serving Him Together. Those archives will still be able to be accessed though!

Here you’ll find family updates, but more than that is the beginning of a new ministry that’s been growing in our hearts for some time. We are thrilled to also be doing more with the ABBA Fund and you can keep updated on that here as well.

So stop in again soon for more fun news and announcements! :)